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 buffer.hThis file contains the definition of ldns_buffer, and functions to manipulate those
 common.hCommon definitions for LDNS
 dane.hThis module contains base functions for creating and verifying TLSA RR's with PKIX certificates, certificate chains and validation stores
 dname.hDname contains function to read and manipulate domain names
 dnssec.hThis module contains base functions for DNSSEC operations (RFC4033 t/m RFC4035)
 error.hDefines error numbers and functions to translate those to a readable string
 higher.hSpecifies some higher level functions that could be useful for certain applications
 host2str.hHost2str.h - txt presentation of RRs
 host2wire.hContains all functions to translate the main structures to wire format
 keys.hAddendum to dnssec.h, this module contains key and algorithm definitions and functions
 ldns.hIncluding this file will include all ldns files, and define some lookup tables
 net.hContains functions to send and receive packets over a network
 packet.hContains the definition of ldns_pkt and its parts, as well as functions to manipulate those
 parse.hContains some low-level parsing functions, mostly used in the _frm_str family of functions
 radix.hRadix tree
 rbtree.hRed black tree
 rdata.hDefines ldns_rdf and functions to manipulate those
 resolver.hDefines the ldns_resolver structure, a stub resolver that can send queries and parse answers
 rr.hContains the definition of ldns_rr and functions to manipulate those
 rr_functions.hDefines some extra convenience functions for ldns_rr structures
 str2host.hStr2host.h - conversion from str to the host fmt
 tsig.hDefines functions for TSIG usage
 update.hDefines functions to perform UPDATE queries
 wire2host.hContains functions that translate dns data from the wire format (as sent by servers and clients) to the internal structures
 radix.cImplementation of a radix tree
 rbtree.cImplementation of a redblack tree