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1 /*
2  * packet.h
3  *
4  * DNS packet definitions
5  *
6  * a Net::DNS like library for C
7  *
8  * (c) NLnet Labs, 2005-2006
9  *
10  * See the file LICENSE for the license
11  */
21 #ifndef LDNS_PACKET_H
22 #define LDNS_PACKET_H
24 #define LDNS_MAX_PACKETLEN 65535
26 /* allow flags to be given to ldns_pkt_query_new */
27 #define LDNS_QR 1 /* Query Response flag */
28 #define LDNS_AA 2 /* Authoritative Answer - server flag */
29 #define LDNS_TC 4 /* TrunCated - server flag */
30 #define LDNS_RD 8 /* Recursion Desired - query flag */
31 #define LDNS_CD 16 /* Checking Disabled - query flag */
32 #define LDNS_RA 32 /* Recursion Available - server flag */
33 #define LDNS_AD 64 /* Authenticated Data - server flag */
35 #include <ldns/error.h>
36 #include <ldns/common.h>
37 #include <ldns/rr.h>
38 #include <sys/time.h>
40 #ifdef __cplusplus
41 extern "C" {
42 #endif
44 /* opcodes for pkt's */
48  LDNS_PACKET_STATUS = 2, /* there is no 3?? DNS is weird */
51 };
54 /* rcodes for pkts */
67 };
193 {
195  uint16_t _id;
197  bool _qr;
199  bool _aa;
201  bool _tc;
203  bool _rd;
205  bool _cd;
207  bool _ra;
209  bool _ad;
211  ldns_pkt_opcode _opcode; /* XXX 8 bits? */
213  uint8_t _rcode;
215  uint16_t _qdcount;
217  uint16_t _ancount;
219  uint16_t _nscount;
221  uint16_t _arcount;
222 };
223 typedef struct ldns_struct_hdr ldns_hdr;
234 {
237  /* extra items needed in a packet */
241  struct timeval timestamp;
243  uint32_t _querytime;
245  size_t _size;
249  uint16_t _edns_udp_size;
253  uint8_t _edns_version;
254  /* OPT pseudo-RR presence flag */
255  uint8_t _edns_present;
257  uint16_t _edns_z;
268 };
269 typedef struct ldns_struct_pkt ldns_pkt;
283 };
296 };
299 /* prototypes */
301 /* read */
308 uint16_t ldns_pkt_id(const ldns_pkt *p);
314 bool ldns_pkt_qr(const ldns_pkt *p);
320 bool ldns_pkt_aa(const ldns_pkt *p);
326 bool ldns_pkt_tc(const ldns_pkt *p);
332 bool ldns_pkt_rd(const ldns_pkt *p);
338 bool ldns_pkt_cd(const ldns_pkt *p);
344 bool ldns_pkt_ra(const ldns_pkt *p);
350 bool ldns_pkt_ad(const ldns_pkt *p);
356 ldns_pkt_opcode ldns_pkt_get_opcode(const ldns_pkt *p);
362 ldns_pkt_rcode ldns_pkt_get_rcode(const ldns_pkt *p);
368 uint16_t ldns_pkt_qdcount(const ldns_pkt *p);
374 uint16_t ldns_pkt_ancount(const ldns_pkt *p);
380 uint16_t ldns_pkt_nscount(const ldns_pkt *p);
386 uint16_t ldns_pkt_arcount(const ldns_pkt *p);
400 struct timeval ldns_pkt_timestamp(const ldns_pkt *p);
406 uint32_t ldns_pkt_querytime(const ldns_pkt *p);
413 size_t ldns_pkt_size(const ldns_pkt *p);
424 uint16_t ldns_pkt_section_count(const ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_section s);
431 ldns_rr *ldns_pkt_tsig(const ldns_pkt *p);
479 ldns_rr_list *ldns_pkt_get_section_clone(const ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_section s);
489 ldns_rr_list *ldns_pkt_rr_list_by_name(const ldns_pkt *p, const ldns_rdf *r, ldns_pkt_section s);
498 ldns_rr_list *ldns_pkt_rr_list_by_type(const ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr_type t, ldns_pkt_section s);
508 ldns_rr_list *ldns_pkt_rr_list_by_name_and_type(const ldns_pkt *packet, const ldns_rdf *ownername, ldns_rr_type type, ldns_pkt_section sec);
517 bool ldns_pkt_rr(const ldns_pkt *pkt, ldns_pkt_section sec, const ldns_rr *rr);
526 bool ldns_pkt_set_flags(ldns_pkt *pkt, uint16_t flags);
533 void ldns_pkt_set_id(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t id);
544 void ldns_pkt_set_qr(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);
550 void ldns_pkt_set_aa(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);
556 void ldns_pkt_set_tc(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);
562 void ldns_pkt_set_rd(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);
568 void ldns_pkt_set_cd(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);
574 void ldns_pkt_set_ra(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);
580 void ldns_pkt_set_ad(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);
587 void ldns_pkt_set_opcode(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_opcode c);
593 void ldns_pkt_set_rcode(ldns_pkt *p, uint8_t c);
599 void ldns_pkt_set_qdcount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);
605 void ldns_pkt_set_ancount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);
611 void ldns_pkt_set_nscount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);
617 void ldns_pkt_set_arcount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);
629 void ldns_pkt_set_querytime(ldns_pkt *p, uint32_t t);
635 void ldns_pkt_set_size(ldns_pkt *p, size_t s);
642 void ldns_pkt_set_timestamp(ldns_pkt *p, struct timeval timeval);
649 void ldns_pkt_set_section_count(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_section s, uint16_t x);
655 void ldns_pkt_set_tsig(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr *t);
663 ldns_pkt_type ldns_pkt_reply_type(const ldns_pkt *p);
670 uint16_t ldns_pkt_edns_udp_size(const ldns_pkt *packet);
676 uint8_t ldns_pkt_edns_extended_rcode(const ldns_pkt *packet);
682 uint8_t ldns_pkt_edns_version(const ldns_pkt *packet);
688 uint16_t ldns_pkt_edns_z(const ldns_pkt *packet);
694 ldns_rdf *ldns_pkt_edns_data(const ldns_pkt *packet);
701 bool ldns_pkt_edns_do(const ldns_pkt *packet);
707 void ldns_pkt_set_edns_do(ldns_pkt *packet, bool value);
718 bool ldns_pkt_edns(const ldns_pkt *packet);
725 void ldns_pkt_set_edns_udp_size(ldns_pkt *packet, uint16_t s);
731 void ldns_pkt_set_edns_extended_rcode(ldns_pkt *packet, uint8_t c);
737 void ldns_pkt_set_edns_version(ldns_pkt *packet, uint8_t v);
743 void ldns_pkt_set_edns_z(ldns_pkt *packet, uint16_t z);
749 void ldns_pkt_set_edns_data(ldns_pkt *packet, ldns_rdf *data);
755 ldns_pkt *ldns_pkt_new(void);
762 void ldns_pkt_free(ldns_pkt *packet);
773 ldns_status ldns_pkt_query_new_frm_str(ldns_pkt **p, const char *rr_name, ldns_rr_type rr_type, ldns_rr_class rr_class , uint16_t flags);
785 ldns_status ldns_pkt_ixfr_request_new_frm_str(ldns_pkt **p, const char *rr_name, ldns_rr_class rr_class, uint16_t flags, ldns_rr* soa);
796 ldns_pkt *ldns_pkt_query_new(ldns_rdf *rr_name, ldns_rr_type rr_type, ldns_rr_class rr_class, uint16_t flags);
808 ldns_pkt *ldns_pkt_ixfr_request_new(ldns_rdf *rr_name, ldns_rr_class rr_class, uint16_t flags, ldns_rr* soa);
816 ldns_pkt *ldns_pkt_clone(const ldns_pkt *pkt);
853 bool ldns_pkt_push_rr(ldns_pkt *packet, ldns_pkt_section section, ldns_rr *rr);
862 bool ldns_pkt_safe_push_rr(ldns_pkt *pkt, ldns_pkt_section sec, ldns_rr *rr);
871 bool ldns_pkt_push_rr_list(ldns_pkt *packet, ldns_pkt_section section, ldns_rr_list *list);
880 bool ldns_pkt_safe_push_rr_list(ldns_pkt *pkt, ldns_pkt_section sec, ldns_rr_list *list);
887 bool ldns_pkt_empty(ldns_pkt *p);
889 #ifdef __cplusplus
890 }
891 #endif
893 #endif /* LDNS_PACKET_H */
signed char ldns_pkt_ra(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s ra bit.
Definition: packet.c:75
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_answer(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s answer section.
Definition: packet.c:129
ldns_pkt_rcode ldns_pkt_get_rcode(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s respons code.
Definition: packet.c:93
void ldns_pkt_set_edns_data(ldns_pkt *packet, ldns_rdf *data)
Set the packet&#39;s edns data.
Definition: packet.c:621
enum ldns_enum_pkt_type ldns_pkt_type
Definition: packet.h:297
signed char _qr
Query bit (0=query, 1=answer)
Definition: packet.h:197
uint16_t _nscount
auth sec
Definition: packet.h:219
void ldns_pkt_set_random_id(ldns_pkt *p)
Set the packet&#39;s id to a random value.
Definition: packet.c:462
ldns_rdf * _edns_data
Arbitrary EDNS rdata.
Definition: packet.h:259
ldns_rdf * _answerfrom
an rdf (A or AAAA) with the IP address of the server it is from
Definition: packet.h:239
void ldns_pkt_set_ancount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c)
Set the packet&#39;s an count.
Definition: packet.c:554
ldns_status ldns_pkt_query_new_frm_str(ldns_pkt **p, const char *rr_name, ldns_rr_type rr_type, ldns_rr_class rr_class, uint16_t flags)
creates a query packet for the given name, type, class.
Definition: packet.c:975
signed char ldns_pkt_qr(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s qr bit.
Definition: packet.c:45
signed char ldns_pkt_set_flags(ldns_pkt *pkt, uint16_t flags)
sets the flags in a packet.
Definition: packet.c:808
void ldns_pkt_set_additional(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr_list *rr)
directly set the additional section
Definition: packet.c:494
void ldns_pkt_set_tsig(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr *t)
Set the packet&#39;s tsig rr.
Definition: packet.c:648
enum ldns_enum_rr_class ldns_rr_class
Definition: rr.h:64
List or Set of Resource Records.
Definition: rr.h:330
void ldns_pkt_set_qdcount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c)
Set the packet&#39;s qd count.
Definition: packet.c:548
void ldns_pkt_set_size(ldns_pkt *p, size_t s)
Set the packet&#39;s size.
Definition: packet.c:591
ldns_rr_list * _authority
Authority section.
Definition: packet.h:265
ldns_pkt_opcode ldns_pkt_get_opcode(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s code.
Definition: packet.c:87
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_additional(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s additional section.
Definition: packet.c:141
struct timeval ldns_pkt_timestamp(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s timestamp.
Definition: packet.c:200
signed char ldns_pkt_tc(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s tc bit.
Definition: packet.c:57
ldns_pkt_opcode _opcode
Query type.
Definition: packet.h:211
signed char _ra
Recursion available.
Definition: packet.h:207
uint32_t ldns_pkt_querytime(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s querytime.
Definition: packet.c:188
signed char _aa
Authoritative answer.
Definition: packet.h:199
uint16_t ldns_pkt_edns_udp_size(const ldns_pkt *packet)
return the packet&#39;s edns udp size
Definition: packet.c:206
void ldns_pkt_set_ad(ldns_pkt *p, signed char b)
Set the packet&#39;s ad bit.
void ldns_pkt_set_querytime(ldns_pkt *p, uint32_t t)
Set the packet&#39;s query time.
Definition: packet.c:572
ldns_hdr * _header
Header section.
Definition: packet.h:236
ldns_rdf * ldns_pkt_edns_data(const ldns_pkt *packet)
return the packet&#39;s edns data
Definition: packet.c:246
Definition: packet.h:55
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_rr_list_by_name(const ldns_pkt *p, const ldns_rdf *r, ldns_pkt_section s)
return all the rr with a specific name from a packet.
Definition: packet.c:253
Contains the definition of ldns_rr and functions to manipulate those.
uint16_t ldns_pkt_nscount(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s ns count.
Definition: packet.c:111
ldns_pkt * ldns_pkt_ixfr_request_new(ldns_rdf *rr_name, ldns_rr_class rr_class, uint16_t flags, ldns_rr *soa)
creates an IXFR request packet for the given name, type and class.
Definition: packet.c:1050
ldns_pkt_type ldns_pkt_reply_type(const ldns_pkt *p)
looks inside the packet to determine what kind of packet it is, AUTH, NXDOMAIN, REFERRAL, etc.
Definition: packet.c:1062
void ldns_pkt_set_timestamp(ldns_pkt *p, struct timeval timeval)
Set the packet&#39;s timestamp.
Definition: packet.c:584
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_authority(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s authority section.
Definition: packet.c:135
Resource Record.
Definition: rr.h:302
size_t _size
The size of the wire format of the packet in octets.
Definition: packet.h:245
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_question(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s question section.
Definition: packet.c:123
signed char ldns_pkt_safe_push_rr(ldns_pkt *pkt, ldns_pkt_section sec, ldns_rr *rr)
push an rr on a packet, provided the RR is not there.
Definition: packet.c:690
Defines error numbers and functions to translate those to a readable string.
signed char _cd
Checking disabled.
Definition: packet.h:205
signed char ldns_pkt_push_rr_list(ldns_pkt *packet, ldns_pkt_section section, ldns_rr_list *list)
push a rr_list on a packet
Definition: packet.c:702
ldns_rr * ldns_pkt_tsig(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s tsig pseudo rr&#39;s.
Definition: packet.c:450
void ldns_pkt_set_opcode(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_opcode c)
Set the packet&#39;s opcode.
Definition: packet.c:536
uint8_t _edns_extended_rcode
EDNS0 Extended rcode.
Definition: packet.h:251
void ldns_pkt_set_tc(ldns_pkt *p, signed char b)
Set the packet&#39;s tc bit.
ldns_rr_list * _answer
Answer section.
Definition: packet.h:263
uint16_t ldns_pkt_edns_z(const ldns_pkt *packet)
return the packet&#39;s edns z value
Definition: packet.c:224
signed char ldns_pkt_rd(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s rd bit.
Definition: packet.c:63
enum ldns_enum_pkt_opcode ldns_pkt_opcode
Definition: packet.h:52
void ldns_pkt_set_edns_do(ldns_pkt *packet, signed char value)
Set the packet&#39;s edns do bit.
void ldns_pkt_set_edns_udp_size(ldns_pkt *packet, uint16_t s)
Set the packet&#39;s edns udp size.
Definition: packet.c:597
void ldns_pkt_free(ldns_pkt *packet)
frees the packet structure and all data that it contains.
Definition: packet.c:792
ldns_rdf * ldns_pkt_answerfrom(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s answerfrom.
Definition: packet.c:194
bogus section, if not interested
Definition: packet.h:280
signed char ldns_pkt_cd(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s cd bit.
Definition: packet.c:69
void ldns_pkt_set_arcount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c)
Set the packet&#39;s arcount.
Definition: packet.c:566
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_all_noquestion(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s answer, authority and additional sections concatenated, in a new rr_list clone...
Definition: packet.c:167
void ldns_pkt_set_answerfrom(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rdf *r)
Set the packet&#39;s answering server.
Definition: packet.c:578
uint32_t _querytime
The duration of the query this packet is an answer to.
Definition: packet.h:243
void ldns_pkt_set_rd(ldns_pkt *p, signed char b)
Set the packet&#39;s rd bit.
uint16_t _edns_z
Reserved EDNS data bits.
Definition: packet.h:257
ldns_rr_list * _additional
Additional section.
Definition: packet.h:267
signed char ldns_pkt_edns_do(const ldns_pkt *packet)
return the packet&#39;s edns do bit
Definition: packet.c:230
void ldns_pkt_set_id(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t id)
Set the packet&#39;s id.
Definition: packet.c:456
ldns_pkt * ldns_pkt_new(void)
allocates and initializes a ldns_pkt structure.
Definition: packet.c:739
uint16_t _arcount
add sec
Definition: packet.h:221
uint16_t _ancount
answer sec
Definition: packet.h:217
uint16_t _edns_udp_size
EDNS0 available buffer size, see RFC2671.
Definition: packet.h:249
enum ldns_enum_pkt_rcode ldns_pkt_rcode
Definition: packet.h:68
signed char _tc
Packet truncated.
Definition: packet.h:201
void ldns_pkt_set_aa(ldns_pkt *p, signed char b)
Set the packet&#39;s aa bit.
uint16_t ldns_pkt_id(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet id.
Definition: packet.c:39
void ldns_pkt_set_edns_extended_rcode(ldns_pkt *packet, uint8_t c)
Set the packet&#39;s edns extended rcode.
Definition: packet.c:603
ldns_rr_list * _question
Question section.
Definition: packet.h:261
DNS packet.
Definition: packet.h:233
signed char ldns_pkt_empty(ldns_pkt *p)
check if a packet is empty
Definition: packet.c:415
signed char _rd
Recursion desired.
Definition: packet.h:203
signed char _ad
Authentic data.
Definition: packet.h:209
uint16_t ldns_pkt_section_count(const ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_section s)
Return the number of RRs in the given section.
Definition: packet.c:389
void ldns_pkt_set_answer(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr_list *rr)
directly set the answer section
Definition: packet.c:506
void ldns_pkt_set_qr(ldns_pkt *p, signed char b)
Set the packet&#39;s qr bit.
uint8_t _rcode
Response code.
Definition: packet.h:213
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_get_section_clone(const ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_section s)
return all the rr_list&#39;s in the packet.
Definition: packet.c:429
uint16_t ldns_pkt_qdcount(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s qd count.
Definition: packet.c:99
enum ldns_enum_status ldns_status
Definition: error.h:134
uint8_t ldns_pkt_edns_extended_rcode(const ldns_pkt *packet)
return the packet&#39;s edns extended rcode
Definition: packet.c:212
uint16_t ldns_pkt_ancount(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s an count.
Definition: packet.c:105
signed char ldns_pkt_rr(const ldns_pkt *pkt, ldns_pkt_section sec, const ldns_rr *rr)
check to see if an rr exist in the packet
Definition: packet.c:363
size_t ldns_pkt_size(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s size in bytes.
Definition: packet.c:182
void ldns_pkt_set_cd(ldns_pkt *p, signed char b)
Set the packet&#39;s cd bit.
signed char ldns_pkt_push_rr(ldns_pkt *packet, ldns_pkt_section section, ldns_rr *rr)
push an rr on a packet
Definition: packet.c:654
uint16_t _qdcount
question sec
Definition: packet.h:215
void ldns_pkt_set_edns_version(ldns_pkt *packet, uint8_t v)
Set the packet&#39;s edns version.
Definition: packet.c:609
ldns_status ldns_pkt_ixfr_request_new_frm_str(ldns_pkt **p, const char *rr_name, ldns_rr_class rr_class, uint16_t flags, ldns_rr *soa)
creates an IXFR request packet for the given name, class.
Definition: packet.c:983
void ldns_pkt_set_question(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr_list *rr)
directly set the question section
Definition: packet.c:500
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_rr_list_by_name_and_type(const ldns_pkt *packet, const ldns_rdf *ownername, ldns_rr_type type, ldns_pkt_section sec)
return all the rr with a specific type and type from a packet.
Definition: packet.c:326
Resource record data field.
Definition: rdata.h:174
ldns_pkt * ldns_pkt_query_new(ldns_rdf *rr_name, ldns_rr_type rr_type, ldns_rr_class rr_class, uint16_t flags)
creates a packet with a query in it for the given name, type and class.
Definition: packet.c:1042
Common definitions for LDNS.
void ldns_pkt_set_section_count(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_section s, uint16_t x)
Set a packet&#39;s section count to x.
Definition: packet.c:627
enum ldns_enum_rr_type ldns_rr_type
Definition: rr.h:239
Header of a dns packet.
Definition: packet.h:192
Definition: packet.h:45
signed char ldns_pkt_safe_push_rr_list(ldns_pkt *pkt, ldns_pkt_section sec, ldns_rr_list *list)
push an rr_list to a packet, provided the RRs are not already there.
Definition: packet.c:714
signed char ldns_pkt_ad(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s ad bit.
Definition: packet.c:81
void ldns_pkt_set_rcode(ldns_pkt *p, uint8_t c)
Set the packet&#39;s respons code.
Definition: packet.c:542
uint16_t ldns_pkt_arcount(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s ar count.
Definition: packet.c:117
void ldns_pkt_set_nscount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c)
Set the packet&#39;s ns count.
Definition: packet.c:560
uint16_t _id
Id of a packet.
Definition: packet.h:195
uint8_t ldns_pkt_edns_version(const ldns_pkt *packet)
return the packet&#39;s edns version
Definition: packet.c:218
uint8_t _edns_present
Definition: packet.h:255
enum ldns_enum_pkt_section ldns_pkt_section
Definition: packet.h:284
used to get all non-question rrs from a packet
Definition: packet.h:282
void ldns_pkt_set_ra(ldns_pkt *p, signed char b)
Set the packet&#39;s ra bit.
uint8_t _edns_version
EDNS Version.
Definition: packet.h:253
signed char ldns_pkt_aa(const ldns_pkt *p)
Read the packet&#39;s aa bit.
Definition: packet.c:51
void ldns_pkt_set_edns_z(ldns_pkt *packet, uint16_t z)
Set the packet&#39;s edns z value.
Definition: packet.c:615
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_rr_list_by_type(const ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr_type t, ldns_pkt_section s)
return all the rr with a specific type from a packet.
Definition: packet.c:290
ldns_rr * _tsig_rr
Optional tsig rr.
Definition: packet.h:247
signed char ldns_pkt_edns(const ldns_pkt *packet)
returns true if this packet needs and EDNS rr to be sent.
Definition: packet.c:726
ldns_pkt * ldns_pkt_clone(const ldns_pkt *pkt)
clones the given packet, creating a fully allocated copy
Definition: packet.c:1108
void ldns_pkt_set_authority(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr_list *rr)
directly set the auhority section
Definition: packet.c:512
ldns_rr_list * ldns_pkt_all(const ldns_pkt *p)
Return the packet&#39;s question, answer, authority and additional sections concatenated, in a new rr_list clone.
Definition: packet.c:148
The different types of packets.
Definition: packet.h:289
The sections of a packet.
Definition: packet.h:274