Benno Overeinder

Internet research engineer

My interests and activities in network research and engineering are in Internet network routing. Current issues in Internet routing are stability and scalability of existing routing infrastructure based on BGP-4, new routing protocols as proposed in the IRTF Routing Research Group, and security of inter-domain routing protocols. To increase our understanding of the intrinsic mechanisms driving the behavior of these protocols, (abstract) models are designed for simulation and analysis. Data observed from real-world observations and data from computer (simulation) experiments are analysed to validate the routing models and test hypotheses of its behavior.

NLnet Labs

NLnet Labs is a research and development group that focuses on those developments in Internet technology where bridges between theory and practical deployment need to be built; areas where engineering and standardization takes place.

It is our goal to play an active and relevant role in these areas through the development of open source software, through participating in development of open standards, and through the dissemination of knowledge.