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const char * ldns_get_errorstr_by_id (ldns_status err)
 look up a descriptive text by each error. More...


ldns_lookup_table ldns_error_str []

Function Documentation

§ ldns_get_errorstr_by_id()

const char* ldns_get_errorstr_by_id ( ldns_status  err)

look up a descriptive text by each error.

This function could use a better name

[in]errldns_status number
the string for that error

Definition at line 164 of file error.c.

References ldns_lookup_by_id(), and ldns_struct_lookup_table::name.

Variable Documentation

§ ldns_error_str

ldns_lookup_table ldns_error_str[]

Definition at line 15 of file error.c.