Wouter Wijngaards

Experimental DNSSEC Trigger prototype

ICANN attestation of the Certificate

Today I received the attestation by the ICANN Key Manager of the certificate used to sign the DNSSEC root keys. Here is a picture of the sealed tamper-proof envelope, with the certificate details. It matches the certificate that is shipped in the unbound-anchor tool.

Map of the science park

Location where NLnet Labs is situated, at Science Park 140 bus stop Aqua.

unbound 1.3.0 experimental windows binaries

Fedora 9 packages for the 1.1.0 release candidate

Unbound packages for fedora 9 linux.

LDNS 1.4.0 packages

Unbound 1.1.0 (release candidate) packages.

Windows executables

Unbound windows executables: unbound_windows_1.1pre20081021.zip. These are commandline executables. Use -h for help and look at example.conf.

Fedora Core Packages

Unbound packages.