Shim6: Wireshark patch

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Wireshark is a network traffic analyzer, or sniffer, for Unix and Unix-like operating systems. It uses GTK+, a graphical user interface library, and libpcap, a packet capture and filtering library.

This is a Shim6 enabled Wireshark, which allows you to analyze Shim6 traffic. The message formats are conform the Shim6 specification:

This patch was applied in Wireshark version 0.99.6 and is being maintained by the Wireshark developers. Distributions for all OSes can be downloaded from the Wireshark website.

Release Notes

Version 0.1

New features:

  • Many filter expressions added.
  • Textual changes in descriptors.
wireshark-0.99.5-shim6-0.1.tar.gz (source)
wireshark-0.99.5-shim6-0.1.patch (patch)

Version 0.0

First Shim6 patch for Wireshark

wireshark-0.99.5-shim6.tar.gz (source)
wireshark-0.99.5-shim6.patch (patch)


You can uncompress the source files and build Wireshark normally or you can patch the diff file to your existing Wireshark source.

From source files:
1. Uncompress the source files

   > gunzip wireshark-0.99.5-shim6.tar.gz
   > tar xvf wireshark-0.99-5-shim6.tar.gz 
2. Enter the source directory:
   > cd wireshark-0.99.5-shim6
3. Build Wireshark as normal
   > ./
   > ./configure
   > make
  (> make install)

From patch:
1. Put the patch in a directory patchdir of your choice
2. Go to the source directory of your current Wireshark

   > cd  somedir wireshark-0.99.5
3. Patch the file
   > cat  patchdir patch_wireshark-0.99.5-shim6 \
   -version  | patch -p1 --dry-run > cat patchdir \
   patch_wireshark-0.99.5-shim6 -version  | patch -p1
Dry-run to see if there aren't any errors.
The output should look like:
   patching file epan/dissectors/packet-ipv6.c
   patching file epan/dissectors/packet-ipv6.h
   patching file epan/ipproto.c
   patching file epan/ipproto.h
4. Build Wireshark as normal
   > ./
   > ./configure
   > make
  (> make install)

Contact information

Suggestions, remarks, criticism, feedback, bugreports can be send to:

Matthijs Mekking <>

Wed Sep 25 2013

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