RTRTR – A Versatile Tool for Route Filters

RTRTR is a tool that collects, processes, and distributes data for route filtering. It reads data from various sources, such as validated RPKI data, IRR data, or local rules, allows selecting, filtering, and otherwise manipulating this data, and finally feeds it to routers either via protocols such as RTR or through generated configuration files.

For larger networks, RTRTR is an ideal companion to Routinator. For example, it is possible to centralise validation performed by Routinator and have RTRTR running in various Points-of-Presence (PoPs) around the world to which routers can connect.

RTRTR is currently in early development. Right now, it can read RPKI data via RTR from multiple servers and provide it, also via RTR, to routers. Over time, we will add more functionality.