Future plans

NSD 2.0.x

Bug fixes will be released as necessary for NSD 2.0.

NSD 2.1.0

NSD 2.1.0 will be released with DNSSEC enabled by default when DNSSEC is standardized.


June 16th, 2003: NSD 1.0.3 (Obsolete)

  • Bug fix release.
  • Last release in the 1.0.x series of NSD.

June 16th, 2003: NSD 1.1.0 (Obsolete)

  • Autoconf configuration.
  • C code conforming to ANSI C.
  • Improved parser.
  • Support for unknown RR types.

July 7th, 2003: NSD 1.2.0

  • Support for handling multiple UDP queries concurrently on SMP machines.
  • Experimental plugin support.
  • Full IPv6 support.
  • Support for multi-homing and TCP.
  • C code conforms to the Single Unix Specification version 3 (www.unix.org).
  • Const correctness, fixed many warnings when compiled with -Wall -W using GCC.

July 17th, 2003: NSD 1.2.1

  • Bug fix release.

July 28th, 2003: NSD 1.2.2

  • Bug fix release.
  • Runs on k.root-servers.net and ns2.nic.fr (among others?).

September 17th, 2003: NSD 1.3.0 (alpha)

  • name resolution algorithm in preparation of DNSSEC.
  • version of new RFC compliant zone parser.

November 6th, 2003: NSD 1.4.0 (alpha)

  • New database structure in preparation of DNSSEC.
  • Stable, RFC compliant zone parser.

February 14th, 2004: NSD 2.0.0 (Current stable version).

  • Experimental DNSSEC support.

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