Fonkey is a system to (globally) distribute named public keys with some additional information, optionally signed by other public keys. Donkey is intended to be an open system: everyone is allowed to publish, update, retrieve, and sign keys.


Currently the following documents are available:

  • Fonkey Overview - an overview of the Fonkey Project. This document tracks the current status of Fonkey. DVI - PDF - PS (last updated at Oct 27th, 2003.)
  • Fonkey Presentation - a short introductionary presentation on the Fonkey Project, first presented during the RIPE 44 meeting in Amsterdam at the techsec-wg meeting. HTML (last updated at Jan 29th, 2003.)


Currently we have a prototype implementation in python. The license will be an OSI approved one (probably GPL).

The current goal is to make an location service application for an (AI) agent system. This application makes it possible to establish the location of an agent in a secure manner.

Contact Information

Please mail if you would like to comment on the Fonkey Project or would like to have access to the current prototype.

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