The Atomised Routing project was a collaborate effort by CAIDA, NLnet Labs and RIPE NCC and has been funded by Stichting NLnet.

The project was concluded with a final project report, accompanied by a technical report.

The objective of the atomised routing project was to research and implement modifications to BGP routing that aggregate prefixes into equivalence classes (policy atoms) based on common AS path from a given topological location. The motivation behind development of BGP atomisation mechanisms is to achieve potential savings in computation and communication costs (by absorbing routing dynamics of prefixes into coarser grained atoms), as well as reduction in BGP table size (there will be far fewer atoms than prefixes).

The work has been presented at:

The source code is available for download.

The full project pages are hosted by CAIDA.

For a detailed technical description, refer to:

  • Patrick Verkaik, Andre Broido, kc claffy, Ruomei Gao, Young Hyun, Ronald van der Pol, Beyond CIDR Aggregation, CAIDA TR-2004-1, Feb. 2004.

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