RTRTR 0.3.0 ‘Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience’ released

Published: Thu 06 June 2024
Last updated: Thu 13 June 2024

We are happy to announce the latest release of RTRTR, version 0.3.0 ‘Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience.’

RTRTR is a tool to collect RPKI data from one or more sources in multiple formats and dispatch it onwards. It provides the means to implement multiple distribution architectures for RPKI such as centralised RPKI validators that dispatch data to local caching RTR servers.

This version introduces a new "merge" unit that merges the data from all its source units into a single set rather than only using a single source as the "any" unit does now.

In addition, there are more configuration options for the HTTP client used by the "json" unit. This allows for instance to use a proxy for all HTTP request. The "json" unit and target now also support conditional HTTP requests, making it cheaper to check for updates more often.

The RTR timer values can now be configured for the "rtr" target rather than being hard-wired. The "rtr" target now can also produce detailed per-client metrics if enabled similar to what Routinator’s RTR server already does.

Under the hood, there were some architectural changes that should avoid RTRTR sometimes missing the first update during startup.

The complete list of changes available in the release notes.

More information about RTRTR including installation instructions can be found in the new RTRTR Manual.

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