RTRTR 0.2.0 ‘Arts and Crafts and Tactical Gear’ released

Published: Wed 19 January 2022
Last updated: Wed 06 December 2023

We are happy to announce the latest release of RTRTR, version 0.2.0 ‘Arts and Crafts and Tactical Gear.’

RTRTR is a tool to collect RPKI data from one or more sources in multiple formats and dispatch it onwards. It provides the means to implement multiple distribution architectures for RPKI such as centralised RPKI validators that dispatch data to local caching RTR servers.

This version introduces a new "slurm" unit that can be used to modify the RPKI data set using local exception files as defined in RFC 8416.

In addition, RTRTR can now speak RTR-over-TLS both as a client through the new "rtr-tls" unit as well as a server through the target with the same type name.

As always, there have been a number of smaller changes and improvements. Most important of these is perhaps that RTRTR’s "json" unit now understands the modified JSON format produced by newer versions of rpki-client.

The complete list of changes available in the release notes.

More information about RTRTR including installation instructions can be found in the new RTRTR Manual.

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