Discontinuing the 1-Click Apps for Krill

Published: Thu 25 February 2021
Last updated: Thu 13 June 2024

About one year ago we introduced a 1-Click App for Krill on the AWS Marketplace and DigitalOcean Marketplace. It was introduced in a time when installing and configuring Krill involved quite some steps. The goal was to allow operators to get started with Krill quickly, to gain operational experience with delegated RPKI.

Since then, we have introduced Debian and Ubuntu packages for Krill on the NLnet Labs package repository, which will soon offer RPM packages as well. We also offer a Docker container image and a public RPKI testbed. All these solutions have significantly reduced the need for the 1-Click Apps. Nowadays, getting started with Krill is as simple as apt install krill and opening the Krill user interface in a browser.

As a result, we are discontinuing the AWS Marketplace and the DigitalOcean Marketplace 1-Click Apps. Existing installations will keep working, but will no longer receive updates.

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