NSD Powers Secure64 DNS Solution

Published: Sat 31 March 2007
Last updated: Mon 08 July 2024

Secure64 is a company specialized in secure and high-performance applications. They have developed SourceT, a micro operating system geared towards secure network systems on Itanium processors. NSD has been ported to SourceT, and is used as the name server software of their Secure64 DNS product, providing RFC-compliant, DNSSEC-enabled, fast DNS services on top of their SourceT operating system. They have performed benchmarks on a Itanium machine with SourceT running NSD, and have been able to handle a query load of over 100,000 queries per second with only 1 CPU. The system was able to sustain DNS service in the face of a variety of common attack profiles until the network link was saturated.

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