NLnet Labs is a non-profit foundation which completely relies on the support of the Internet community. All our open source software has a permissive, free software license. To ensure we remain a healthy and sustainable organisation we depend on the following types of funding.

If your organisation relies on the software, please consider purchasing professional support and consultancy services with a service-level agreement for one of our products, sponsoring the development of new software or a feature for an existing product, or through a donation.

Support Contracts

Being a non-profit foundation, NLnet Labs is obliged to follow strict tax regulation and not allowed to offer taxable services. As a result, we have established Open Netlabs B.V. The company is a wholly owned, taxable subsidiary of the NLnet Labs foundation serving the goals of its parent.

Open Netlabs B.V. offers support contracts with a service level for our DNS products NSD, Unbound and OpenDNSSEC, as well as our BGP routing products Krill, Routinator and Rotonda. In addition to receiving support and early access to security vulnerability information under non-disclosure, your financial contribution also supports our mission to provide free and open software.

Liberapay and GitHub Sponsors

You can support us with a monthly contribution through Liberapay and GitHub Sponsors for Organisations. You can choose any amount you like, either as a periodic or a one-time donation.

Donations through PayPal