Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cldns_radix_array_tRadix node select edge array
 Cldns_radix_node_tA node in a radix tree
 Cldns_radix_tAn entire radix tree
 Cldns_rbnode_tThe rbnode_t struct definition
 Cldns_rbtree_tDefinition for tree struct
 Cldns_schwartzian_compare_structStructure to do a Schwartzian-like transformation, for instance when sorting
 Cldns_struct_bufferImplementation of buffers to ease operations
 Cldns_struct_dnssec_zoneStructure containing a dnssec zone
 Cldns_struct_hdrHeader of a dns packet
 Cldns_struct_keyGeneral key structure, can contain all types of keys that are used in DNSSEC
 Cldns_struct_key_listSame as rr_list, but now for keys
 Cldns_struct_lookup_tableA general purpose lookup table
 Cldns_struct_output_formatOutput format specifier
 Cldns_struct_output_format_storageOutput format struct with additional data for flags that use them
 Cldns_struct_pktDNS packet
 Cldns_struct_rdfResource record data field
 Cldns_struct_resolverDNS stub resolver structure
 Cldns_struct_rrResource Record
 Cldns_struct_rr_descriptorContains all information about resource record types
 Cldns_struct_rr_listList or Set of Resource Records
 Cldns_struct_zoneDNS Zone
 Cldns_tsig_credentials_structContains credentials for TSIG